Tournament Information Announced

The 2023 Regular Season has come to a close. Congratulations to Branciers Black Diamonds who secured the No. 1 seed overall heading into the final tournament. 

Please go here for full details and schedule for this weekend’s tournament

Top Division Seeds

No. 1 Branciers Black Diamonds
No. 2 Erin’s Army
No 3. The Cocks
No. 4 Barstool Barnstomers
No. 5 Kal Tire
No. 6 Handy Home Renos
No. 7 Beerly Legal

Top Bottom Division Seeds

No. 1 Boozers
No. 2 Fundamentals
No 3. Sons of Pitches
No. 4 Bat Attitude
No. 5 Muddy Balls
No. 6 Master Batters
* Breaking Bat has forfeited remaining games and will not participate in final tournament

For more information on the final tournament click here

Here is a look at the final standings:

Tiebreak Information

*Muddy Balls loses right to tiebreak due to forfeit(s) therefore is ranked as 5th seed (bottom)
Now that three-way tie is broken, you will use head to head using season series.  If still tied then you should use the scores against each other to break tie.
*Sons of Pitches split season series against Bat Attitude (1-1), however scored 1 more run in head-to head play and therefore win tiebreak.  Sons of Pitches is ranked 3rd seed (bottom) and Bat Attitude is ranked 4th seed (bottom)
Bat Attitude (11) L to Sons of Pitches (13) +2
Bat Attitude (18) W to Sons of Pitches (17) +1
Bat Attitude 29- Sons 30 (+1)

Second Half Schedule – Release

The second half of the 2023 Milton Coed Slo-Pitch Schedule is now available.

ALERT – the following teams will play this Thursday

Thu, Aug 17, 2023 Kal Tire Beerly Legal Beaty Neighbourhood Park North
Thu, Aug 17, 2023 Breaking Bat FUNdamentals Drumquin Park #2
Thu, Aug 17, 2023 Branciers Black Diamonds Barstool Barnstormers Maplehurst

For the remainder of teams check your schedule here

Here are the Top Half/Bottom Half Divisions 
(Not reflective of current standings – for current standings click here)

Top Half

  • Branciers Black Diamonds
  • Erin’s Army
  • The Cocks
  • Barstool Barnstormers
  • Kal Tire
  • Handy Home Renos
  • Beerly Legal*

*has head-to-head tiebreak over Muddy Balls should they finish the first half of the season tied

Bottom Half

  • Muddy Balls
  • Master Batters
  • Sons of Pitches
  • Boozers
  • Fundamentals
  • Bat Attitude
  • Breaking Bat

Don’t forget – Tournament Weekend starts September 28 and runs through September 30.  More details